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New & Improved! 
I’m so excited to announce my New & Improved Vero Visors! While the original design was great, I’ve found a way to make them even better! They are now finished to impeccable quality, sewn all the way around and I’ve added a special comfort layer in front so they fit and feel spectacular! They are now truly the most versatile, sporty, fashionable, ultra-feminine and unique hair accessory available! 

Limited Edition "Vero Visor" Headband
"I've always loved the comfortable feeling of my headbands and living in south Florida, I wanted protection from the sun too. I also wanted to be more fun and colorful so I decided to create something unique & super sporty and that is how the Vero Visor was created!"

- Veronica Shogren

Ultra lightweight super stretch material provides a snug fit and features a low profile visor to keep you covered, cool and comfy. By adjusting the headband wide or thin you can create your own gorgeous look plus the Vero Visor's moisture absorbent performance fabric wicks away sweat during your run or workout. 

  • Stays in place during any activity
  • One size fits all
  • Handmade by our family in the USA 
  • Limited Edition - Supplies are very limited

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