Help With Discount Codes

Having trouble applying your discount code for the FREE* Headband? No worries! This easy to follow step-by-step guide will help in no time!

1. Make sure you have added all the products you want to purchase to your cart:

2. Click the "Checkout" Button:

3. If you are on a mobile device, which pretty much everyone is now, click the "Show Order Summary" link to reveal the discount code field:

4. Paste your discount code (or type it in if you didn't copy it) into the the field that says "Discount"

5. Click "Apply"

6. Complete the checkout process and fall in love with Vero Brava!

*Please note: Unfortunately, the Post Office is not free... Shipping and handling costs about $5 depending upon where you live and please know we employ a great group of single moms who help us fulfill your order.

After you place your order for the Vero Brava Try Before You Buy FREE Headband, watch your email for a special offer in a few weeks that will more than make up for the shipping cost!