About Us

My name is Veronica Shogren and I'm the founder, owner, designer, seamstress, retail manager, wholesale sales rep, customer service agent, and headband model for Vero Brava.  Thank you for your business and if there's anything I can ever do for you, please contact me directly at any time.

I’m originally from Argentina with French and Italian roots, the mom of an amazing daughter of whom I am so proud and wife to an awesome man who is my best friend and business partner. I’m an avid kiteboarder and golfer and I enjoy yoga and working out but I could never find anything to keep my hair back that didn’t fall off. Every headband I owned would slip off my head in the middle of my workouts and I got so frustrated I decided to make my own.

Vero Brava was born and every product we sell is meticulously handmade and designed for individuals who care about style, quality and function. Our headbands are guaranteed not to slip off your head and will absolutely make you look fabulous.

I originally started selling on Etsy and in a short period of time, my headbands were so popular we decided to expand to other sales channels in order to offer better bands to as many people as we could reach. We currently sell online and to select high end retail boutiques, yoga studios, pro shops, gyms and other fine establishments.